Monday, September 24, 2007

10th Anniversary Bike-For-Life Ride


It was a cold blustery day on Saturday September 15th, as 11 Bike-For-Life Riders braved the elements of wind and cold 34 degrees and rode off on a long arduous trip of 100 miles to speak on behalf of the unborn and the defenseless.

On that nasty ear numbing winds cold Saturday morning, riders from across the state of SD., began to gather at Pastor Nour’s house to begin the 10th anniversary of the Bike-For-Life ride. The riders included people from Yankton, Sioux Falls and as far away as Rapid city. They are: Father Albert, Kevin Werkmeister, Troy Ziebart, James and Tara Kinsely, Deb Eilers, P. R. Olson (Yankton) Albert Sutton (Rapid City) Mark Loneman (Sioux Falls), Jim Wynia (Platte) and Pastor Nour.

These men and women started out bundled up with winter coats, gloves and stocking caps, and long pants due to the coldest weather ever. We rode joyfully and with eagerness to our first leg of the journey at Parkston. There we stopped at Faith Lutheran Church and were greeted by a faithful servant—Phyllis Ehler, who has hosted us for the last 10 years with an awesome breakfast. There we were met with another rider Shelly (Werkmeister) Tupper).

Just as we were approaching the Church, one of our riders had a flat tire. After the tire was fixed and all riders fed; we bundled up again and continued our journey on to Sioux Falls. Our next stop was at Junction 81 and 44. There we stopped for our noon meal which was served by another faithful supporters of the Bike-For-Life ministry, Rev. John and Martha Werner from St. Peter in Clayton. They put on a feast for us of Lasagna, garlic bread and 3 types of pies, Apple, Pumpkin and Rhubarb. Yummy. What a wonderful meal and a needed rest we had.

At this location we gained 3 other riders, Adel Valdes from Sioux Falls, and Doug and Lynette Auch who rode that same morning from Yankton to meet us for our noon meal.

From now on we had vehicle escorts for protection. One ahead of us and the other behind us with amber light and sings declaring this is a Bike-For-Life. The lead van was driven by Don Sperlich who is the Treasure for the Lutherans For Life and avid supporter of the Bike-For-Life and the back car was driven by my wife, Jean, who has done that for the last 10 years. We continued our journey bundled up and fought the wind with all of our strength on to Sioux Falls. Our third stop found us at First English Lutheran Church, in Parker. The ladies of the Church offered us a break from the wind, a smile and refreshments and food loaded with iron to help us remain strong.

In Parker, we were met by 15 other riders. One rider Paul Peterson started on his down from Watertown, rode all the way to Brookings, but couldn’t go any further due to the strong southerly wind. He was picked up by another 10 riders who began their ride from Brookings, but after 15 miles they gave up due to the cold and blustery South Wind. We also picked up some riders from Sioux Falls who were friends of Mark Lonemann.

By now the riders have grown in size to 29. We rode to Tea were we stopped for our final break before we headed on to Sioux Falls. The last 7 miles from Tea to Sioux Falls were the easiest because the wind was behind us and pushing us on. Oh, how we appreciated God’s little favors. We arrived at the SD District of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, by 6:30 p.m. All of the riders and support teams of many vehicles got t-shirts promoting the Alpha Center and the Bike-For-Life and rode together on to the final destination which is the Alpha Center right across from the mall on Louise Ave.

Here we were met by a host of people with cheers and balloons and plenty of drink and food.

After 11 hours and 45 minutes we arrived safely, exhausted but rejoicing that the Good Lord saw to it to allow us once again to speak on behalf of those who can’t speak for themselves and to fight the fight that destroys life in the womb—through abortion.

I wish to thank all of those who rode with me, supported me financially and with their donations. So far we have received $1748.00. Other funds are still coming and I am praying that we surpass last years gifts of $10.205.00.

This is my 10th anniversary of the Bike-For-Life. The way it got started was, I received a bike from my three sons—Tony, David and Michael for Father’s Day. That year I wanted to do something that will make a difference. I decided to ride to Sioux Falls and raise funds to help Lutherans For Life purchase an Ultra Sound Machine to be placed at the Alpha Center to help those expecting mothers and fathers realize that the living organism inside the woman is not just a blob of tissue, but rather a true, living, breathing child—a precious gift from God the Creator of Life. Ten years ago, I only had one rider from Sioux Falls, David Olson who made sure through his coaching and words of encouragements that I would make the trip to my final destination. Oh, how I thank God for that man who was a gift to me that year to complete my mission. Had it not been for David, I would have never reached that goal or continued the event year after year. The first year, we raised close to $5500.00. Praise be to God Alone.

I never intended to make it an annual event. Yet, after I arrived to Sioux Falls some people asked if I would do it again? I said, I would think about it. As the next summer started out, I began to ride my bike again, and people encouraged me to ride one more time. The rest is history as they say.

I have gained much knowledge about biking. I have a different and a better bike than the one I rode the first year, which has made a world of difference.

Over the last 10 years, by the grace of God with the aid of the Alpha Center and the Ultra Sound machine we know that over 2000 babies were spared from the butchering mill of abortion. Over $60.000.00 have been raised to keep this ministry going and promoting the preciousness of the Gift of Life.

I still pray and hope that we will surpass last years amount of $10, 205.00 so that we can now aid the Alpha Center in purchasing another Ultra Sound that has a 4 Dimensional imaging.

Thank you to all of the riders, supporters, contributors and prayer partners. Many thanks are due to many different people.

I like to thank my congregation Redeemer Lutheran Church for their constant support of prayers and donations and words of encouragements.
Don Sperlich for his willingness to drive and be of help in any department.
Kevin Werkmiester for getting the word out to many other riders.
For all of the riders from all around the State, who keep joining me year after year to fight the fight of faith.
For Dana and Jen Krull and Krull’s Market for providing us with ALL that we need to make the trip possible.
Pyllis Ehler of Parkston for serving us breakfast.
Rev. John and Martha Werner of Clayton for proving us with a sumptuous meal.
For the Ladies of First English Lutheran of Parker in providing refreshments.
The Armour Chronicle for promoting the event in their papers.
And my wife and son Michael for their willingness to give me all the time I need to prepare for this event.

Above all, I thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for giving me the strength that I need to exalt His name and defend the unborn.

If you would like to make this year a great success you may support it with your prayers and financial donations.

Donations might be sent to
Rev. Nabil S. Nour
P. O. Box 158
Armour, SD 57313-0158
Make checks payable to South Eastern Lutherans For Life of South Dakota (SE LFL SD) and in the memo write Bike-For-Life.

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