Saturday, March 21, 2015

Testimony about the tour

Below you’ll find the info Pastor Nour sent of his trip to Israel  & Jordan this fall.  The question I get asked most often is “did you feel safe”?, The answer is “YES”, I did.  Here’s what I thought about a year ago when I signed up.

** I’d rather go to a place where there are a lot of guns than no guns.  Where are most of the schools etc. where there aren’t any guns!!!

** If it’s my time to die, it’s going to happen no matter what country I’m in.

** If something would break out when I was in Israel I’d be better off with Pastor Nour who has family over there and being a native of that country he knows what’s going on than just a sitting duck tourist not knowing where to go!!!  Believe me, Pastor Nour takes GREAT care of you!!!

Hope it works for you all to go!!  It truly is the trip of a lifetime.  You’ll never read the Bible the same again after going the places that Jesus was!!  To use Pastor Nour.s words, “up until now you’ve read the Bible in black & white and after the tour you’ll read it in color”!  How true!!   Now when I read about the Sea of Galilee, I can picture it, just exactly how it looks, a couple weeks ago I was reading in Matthew that Jesus was in the synagogue of Capernaum and I stood on those very stones in the floor that Jesus stood on!!  Did you know that Mt. Moriah, where Abraham was called to sacrifice Isaac is the same Mt. where Jesus hung on the cross?  Names change over time.  I never realized so many Old & New Testament events happened the exact same places.   We saw the Valley of Gahanna, we visited the Garden of Gethsemane and so many things that on some days Maxine and I had to look at our notes as we couldn’t remember all the places we had been and things we had seen!!

Sign up b/f the bus is full and they leave w/o you!!!Smile  Marjo

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