Friday, March 7, 2014

2014 - Nour Tour


Sandi said...

Tim and I were among the 36 "pilgrims" spoiled by Pastor Nour on the 2014 trip to the Holy Land. It was an amazing journey, and Pastor Nour was an amazing shepherd. We were not just tourists on a commercial tour. We were brothers and sisters in Christ sharing scripture at each location, praying together, praising the Almighty God in song, making Biblical knowledge come alive to us personally. Our bus driver and Holy Land guide were also Palestinian Christians. From day 1 we became a family, meeting first at our departure point in Minneapolis. What a comfort that we did not have to find our own way to Israel to meet up with strangers in a foreign land. I would repeat this trip again. It was wonderful in every way, from the thoughtfulness and care Pastor gave each person, to the ear "whispers" that allowed us to hear the guide when we were not right in front, to the "free" water bottles on the bus to keep us hydrated, to the lunches included in the tour package, the surprise sweet treats on the bus, the Arab dance instructions, and the list goes on. This was a tour filled with blessings! Thank you, thank you, thank you Pastor for spoiling us!

Pete Lange said...

What a wonderful and blessed trip to the Holy Land we were privileged to take with Pastor Nabil. I can't imagine having a better trip, even with some of the minor setbacks and illnesses that we had to deal with.

What a great blessing it was to experience this trip with my dad. He turned 77 years young the day that we landed in Tel Aviv, and that evening we were able to have a nice party for him at our hotel. Many who were along with us on the tour marveled at his health and stamina - especially after the 8 miles we hiked at Petra! He did very well and was really engaged with everything during the trip. We were able to share some very special and memorable experiences together, and for that I am very grateful.

Since returning, I've had the privilege of sharing my experiences and showing my pictures to several different groups in a variety of settings that include church, school, family, and friends. Here is how I always begin my talk -

"It all really happened. It's all really true. And it all really happened for me and for you."

There are many things that I want to share with people about my trip, but the most important thing was that it was all true. Everything their pastor had preached about, everything their teachers had taught them, everything they learned about Jesus and the Bible in Sunday School - it was all true. It really happened. The stones still do cry out - and they're just waiting in the Holy Land to be discovered by all those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

The land of Israel is a living, breathing testimony to the truth found in the words of Holy Scripture. We don't need it to prove that our faith is sure or that the Bible is true - but it sure is nice to have.

My trip to Israel was even better than I expected. And believe me - I was expecting a lot. It made me realize how little I actually know, even after being a pastor for 10 years and a church worker for more than 20. There is just SO much to learn. And this trip has instilled in me an even greater desire to "read, mark, and inwardly digest" the words of Holy Scripture, and delve deeper into the people, places, and cultures we were privileged to visit.

I would totally recommend this tour to family and friends, and as a matter of fact, I already have!

Shalom -
+Pastor Pete