Monday, April 19, 2010


  • My sister Soumia is not improving. actually she is getting worse. please pray for wisdom so that the doctors might know what to do for her. She can hardly walk. Her legs are almost always black since no blood circulation is taking place. she is getting despondent. Pray for patience and strength to endure this challenging time.
  • The upcoming Luther Tour and Holy Land Tour departing for 13 days on October 26th
  • The continual preparation for the Doctorate of the Ministry Program. I am in the writing stages of my MAP. Waiting to hear from the committee of their approval.
  • Our Synodcial convention that will be held in Houston, TX on July 10-17. That the Church’s work might be God pleasing and the Kingdom of God is expanded.
  • My house in Sioux Falls, SD to be sold. Have had it on the market for almost two years but no luck.
  • For continual stamina and strength for the ministry in this place and every place.

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