Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Letter from A Nour Tour Traveler


"...So thank you so much for being one of the greatest instruments of God's love...

My  mind and heart for some reason goes back to the Legacy Hotel. After a wonderful day of God's deeply illuminating Word; being read and sung (at the sights of Jesus' life), that hotel was like heaven. It seemed safe and welcoming. I could see the city from our balcony and reflect...

I could sleep so sweetly knowing I was in Jerusalem, the city Jesus wept over. I could wake in the morning knowing you were preparing to feed us again, the "manna" from heaven. I ate, to me heavenly food, laced with prayer and ate with my brothers and sister in Christ, (wonderful prepared food).

I sat on the patio and laughed with everyone. I know this trip has been truly a gift from my heavenly Father. I truly feel His love. His is a Rich, Generous, Gracious God. Constantly pursuing me with blessings...."

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