Friday, November 2, 2007

2007 Nour Tour - Testimonial Letter

Dear Pastor Nour:

How do I begin to thank you for for such a memory filled trip as we have just experienced with you? Words to that effect seem rather insignificant when compared to the volume of "Christ filled" time and information we all received.

I spoke with you early in the trip as to different reasons people accompany you on such a trip of a lifetime. Why we came? I know my original thoughts were of retracing the footsteps of Christ and in so doing learning the geography and history of the land. Through Raed, our Israeli guide; we certainly weren't disappointed there. However, through you, we received an insight into the Bible; I'm sure other tours miss completely. You made the Bible come alive, not only through prayers, devotions, and scripture readings, but also through your first hand knowledge of the country and the customs and idiocyncracies of the local people; and in so doing, lit the fire of the living Christ within us all. I come from this trip a better Christian, most certainly an enlightened and better educated one; and hopefully a better person.
Why I came? It doesn't matter. How I left.....that matters.

I wish you and your family the very best and send a special prayer for your sister.

Most sincerely,
Dave Wenzel

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